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SD Association Gains Momentum, 86 Firms Attend SDA Meeting And Name First Board Of Directors

Apr 20, 2000

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, April 20, 2000 - The SDAssociation (SDA) gained considerable momentum as 190 attendees from 86 industry companies attended the second meeting of the SDA. The SDA's first board of directors was elected and includes industry leaders such as Alpine Electronics, Compaq, Eastman Kodak Company, Hewlett Packard, LG Electronics, Matsushita Electric, Mitsubishi Electronics, Motorola, NEC, Samsung, SanDisk, Sharp, Thomson and Toshiba. The SDA is an industry-wide organization established in January 2000, to set industry standards for the SD (Secure Digital) Memory Card and promote its wide acceptance in a variety of digital applications.

SDA president Ray Creech said, "Our second meeting, which was held in Tokyo April 13 - 14, generated widespread interest as evidenced by the many industry executives and firms who attended. As an open standards body, the SDA encourages contribution from many companies and focuses on a wide range of markets and applications. As evidenced by the many working groups and companies that participated in our recent meeting, we are off to a great start in driving SD as a global "secure storage" standard. Within the SDA, we've also started work on enhancements which mirror industry requirements for broader functionality in removable storage devices."

Creech was referring to the creation of three work groups: I/O (including Bluetooth and LAN), Visual (including Motion and Still pictures) and Audio Extensions. The SDA is branching out from promoting the SD Memory Card as only a memory card by actively working on the incorporation of other functions, such as Bluetooth, that could be used on their own or in combination with memory in the SD Memory Card format. Within the SDA's Technical Committee, an Audio Extensions work group is defining new functions such as "Move" and "Preview" - both essential to Electronic Music Distribution (EMD). In parallel with those extensions, support for video formats such as MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG are being discussed in the Visual Work group.

Development of products such as Audio Players, Cellular Phones, Automotive Telematics Systems and Video Cameras, which will utilize SD Memory Cards, is expected to accelerate now that Version 1.0 of the card specification is in members hands. The association's new web site ( is also being brought on line by the Marketing Committee and will soon make additional information about the SDA available to everyone. The site is expected to be on-line by May 1.

Parties interested in joining the SDA are encouraged to contact Ray Creech at (831) 637-4545 or via email at


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