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SanDisk Introduces Flagship MP3 Sansa Players Sporting 6-GIGABYTE Flash Capacity and Sleek Design

Jan 5, 2006

Large Color Screen, FM Radio, microSD Expansion Slot Ideal for Subscription Music Downloads, Viewing Photos and Video

010506release_a.jpgLAS VEGAS, NV - Jan. 5, 2006 - SanDisk® Corporation (NASDAQ:SNDK) introduced today its top-of-the-line SanDisk Sansa™ e200 MP3 player with a large color screen and 6-gigabytes  (GB) of storage capacity that makes it ideal for listening to music or viewing photos and personal videos. The company also introduced the Sansa c100, a value-conscious MP3 player with a color screen and compact size. Both families were unveiled at a press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show where SanDisk is demonstrating products in Booth #30329, South Hall Level 3, Las Vegas Convention Center.

"Music is an incredibly important part of the digital lifestyle, where the emphasis is on accessibility of music, styling and ruggedness on the go," said Eric Bone, director of audio/video product marketing at SanDisk. "These new players have a rich set of features, a high-strength industrial design and a friendly price tag that we believe will appeal to anyone who appreciates music on the go."

Sansa e200-SanDisk's Flagship MP3 Player
The Sansa e200 series features a slim new design and a 1.8-inch (4.572 cm) TFT color screen (QCIF+) along with high-quality audio, photo viewing and video playback capabilities. It offers an industry-leading, 6GB capacity that holds more than 1,400 MP3 songs2. It is also available in 2 and 4GB models. Its large color screen is ideal for easily viewing playlists, photos and personal videos.

Its distinctive, high-strength and lightweight back cover is made with an advanced Titanium alloy from Liquidmetal® Technologies that is stronger than steel and highly resistant to scratches and wear. It includes a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for long playtime and can be replaced by the customer to ensure the player provides many years of continuous service. Dimensions of the Sansa e200 are 1.7 in. wide x 3.5 in. long x 0.5 in. high (4.4 cm wide x 8.9 cm long x 1.3 cm high).

For instant access to millions of digital songs, the Sansa e200 series players will support Microsoft® PlaysForSure™ so consumers can download and pay for songs individually or download an unlimited amount of music for a flat monthly subscription fee from music stores such as Rhapsody To Go® and others.

The Sansa e200 includes other features to enhance the listening and viewing experience.
These include:

  • Icon-based menu for easy navigation
  • Slideshow function to conveniently view photos and play music simultaneously
  • FM tuner with on-the-fly recording to save your favorite songs or programs
  • microSD™ expansion slot for additional memory capacity and support for SanDisk TrustedFlash™ and gruvi™ content cards that can be shared with mobile phones
  • Universal accessory connector for the easy addition of future accessories.


 Suggested Retail Price

   # of songs 2 (MP3)

 Playback time 3

  # of songs (WMA)

 Playback time
 Sansa e250 (2GB) 1



 32 hours, MP3


 64 hours, WMA

 Sansa e260 (4GB) 1 



 64 hours, MP3


  128 hours, WMA

 Sansa e270 (6GB) 1



 128 hours, MP3


 256 hours, WMA

 The Sansa e200 series will be available this Spring in the U.S. and Europe. - Pricing updated 4/06

Sansa c100-Feature Rich, Value Priced
The Sansa c100 series is for the value-conscious consumer who wants a high-quality, large capacity music player with a color screen. It is available in 1- and 2GB capacities. 010506release_b.jpg

The 1.21-inch (3.07 cm) color screen can be used to view thumbnail-size digital images such as album art or create a slideshow with music.

The Sansa c100 line will support Microsoft PlaysForSure subscription and downloads compliance for easy accessibility to a wide range of music and music stores. It also includes an FM digital tuner with 20-channel presets, FM on-the-fly recording and voice-recording capabilities with its built-in microphone. The new player uses a single AAA battery to power the unit and features a universal accessory connector for the easy addition of future accessories. 


 Suggested Retail Price 

 Playback time

 # of songs

 Playback time

# of songs 

 Sansa c140 (1GB)1


 16 hours, MP3 


   32 hours, WMA 


 Sansa c150 (2GB)1


 32 hours, MP3 


 64 hours, WMA 



The Sansa c100 series will be available this Spring in the U.S. and Europe.

New Players Designed For Ease of Use
010506release_c.jpgFor convenience and ease of use, the new players feature an intuitive, icon-based menu to quickly select and navigate key functions.

The new players are designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of popular music formats such as MP3 and Windows Media Audio (WMA) in both unprotected and protected files (such as those WMA files purchased from music stores). It also supports the newest music subscription services found at Rhapsody to Go and others.

SanDisk is the original inventor of flash storage cards and is the world's largest supplier of flash data storage card products using its patented, high-density flash memory and controller technology. SanDisk is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA and has operations worldwide, with more than half its sales outside the U.S.


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[1] 1 gigabyte (GB) = 1 billion bytes.

[2] Approximate figures at four minutes per song

[3] Approximate playback at 128kbps MP3, 64kbps WMA

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