Flash Virtualization System: Simple, Smart, Superior Virtualization

Expand capabilities of existing virtualized infrastructure without expanding budget or data center footprint

Realize What’s Possible

The Flash Virtualization System delivers the performance and productivity power of flash acceleration cluster-wide in new or existing storage infrastructures, enabling more applications to be virtualized – even performance-critical applications – and increasing virtual machine density without jeopardizing SLAs or QoS.

Simple, Smart, Non-Disruptive Flash Acceleration

Designed to complement, rather than replace, existing storage infrastructure and integrated with VMware vSphere, the Flash Virtualization System seamlessly delivers flash performance and efficiency benefits without compromising existing storage policies or introducing new management tools.

AS Simple as 1, 2, 3

Step 1

Take existing storage that is inefficient, IO-constrained and limits business capability to execute and grow.

Step 2

Install Flash Virtualization System: FlashSoft Software on host servers and Flash Server into network.

Step 3

Achieve higher performance, virtualize more applications, and increase virtual machine (VM) density.

Financial Benefits of Faster, More Efficient Virtualization

Maximize Your Server Investment

Support increased virtual machine (VM) density on host servers to get greater productivity and utilization from every host server investment. With performance acceleration from the Flash Virtualization System, it may be possible to defer future server purchases, cutting costs of hardware and application software licenses.

Protect Your Storage Investment

Extend the deployable life of existing storage system investments by eliminating storage performance bottlenecks and offloading the I/O burden from storage to the Flash Virtualization System.

Utilize Your Flash Investment

Intelligent and dynamic software adjusts to meet changing workload requirements, eliminating manual application performance tuning and delivering the most cost-effective and efficient utilization of high-performance flash storage, and the greatest return on flash investment.

Maximize Your Server Investment

The Flash Virtualization System can maximize the productivity and efficiency of host servers to create a huge savings, allowing your business to do more with less and reduce server and application software licenses costs. Accelerate the capability of your existing storage and evolve from an underutilized, low-performance infrastructure to a fully utilized, VM-dense powerhouse.



Certified and Supported

Incorporates FlashSoft Software 4, the first VMware Ready certified third-party caching software for vSphere 6. Also offering VMware HCL-certified hardware, the Flash Virtualization System is a validated, qualified vSphere acceleration solution.

Seamless Integrated Management

Supports VMware Cluster Solutions and integrated with vCenter management tools to operate non-disruptively in existing vSphere environments, and does not violate or conflict with existing HA, backup, recovery, security, compliance, or application policies to maintain ‘business as usual’ while making flash performance available cluster-wide.

VMware Cluster Solutions Support

Supports existing high-availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) policies and cluster solutions including:


  • vMotion®
  • Storage vMotion®
  • DRS
  • HA
  • Snapshots

VMware vSphere Web Client

Standard plug-in to vCenter supports management functions directly through vCenter Web GUI. The Flash Virtualization System is managed as a part of vSphere, so there are no new management tools to learn.


8-Node Configuration

  • One Flash Server
    • 12.8TB total Fusion ioMemory flash capacity
      • Four 3.2TB Fusion ioMemory cards
      • One Fibre Channel HBA3
  • One SanDisk ION Accelerator Software license
  • Eight FlashSoft software licenses
    • Additional FlashSoft software licenses available for purchase

16-Node Configuration

  • One Flash Server
    • 25.6TB total Fusion ioMemory flash capacity
      • Four 6.4TB Fusion ioMemory cards
      • One Fibre Channel HBA3
  • One SanDisk ION Accelerator Software license
  • Sixteen FlashSoft software licenses
    • Additional FlashSoft software licenses available for purchase

Data Sheets

Flash Virtualization System

FlashSoft 4 for vSphere 6

FlashSoft 3.7 for vSphere 5.5

Fusion ioMemory SX350

News and Tech Briefs

Western Digital Introduces Flashsoft 4 Software for VMware vSphere 6 and New Flash Virtualization System For Non-Disruptive Acceleration Of Virtual Environments

Performance Reports and Technical Briefs

Caching Software Performance: FlashSoft Software 4 for VMware vSphere; 4-Node Test with Flash Virtualization System

Taneja Group - Flash Virtualization System: Powerful but Cost Effective Acceleration for VMware Workloads

Taneja Group - FlashSoft 4 for vSphere 6: Acceleration Technology Tailor-Made for VMware Environments


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