Big Data and Analytics – Data Lake Infrastructure Solutions

Harness organizational data to build new competencies

Unleash the Power of Big Data

Leveraging organizational data to drive new business insights and decision making is what will differentiate the winners of tomorrow. According to analysts, 180 zettabytes of data will be created worldwide by 20251. Western Digital is helping businesses break data silos and store all their data in a unified data lake repository and run analytics on this data to build new competencies and win in marketplace. Our customers are unleashing the power of Big Data and analytics to create operational efficiencies, develop new business models and innovate new products. Are you ready to join this journey?

Capture Big Data Value = Increase Revenue and/or Higher Operating Margins

Both born digital and traditional enterprises are dealing with similar challenges with their data. From a genomics start-up dealing with petabytes of sequencing data to an airline operator trying to analyze data from thousands of sensors per flight – both are trying to create business value from data. The value for the genomics startup could come from top-line revenue growth by discovering new business models and in the case of the airline operator through better operating margins from improved predictive maintenance models. Western Digital provides the infrastructure solutions for your Big Data and analytics needs so that you focus on how to capture the business value instead of building the infrastructure.

Value captured by organizations using Big Data and analytics:

By 2020, $430B of productivity benefits captured2

5X more likely to make business decisions faster than competitors3

2X more likely to have top quartile financial performance3

Leading Big Data Infrastructure Solutions

Western Digital offers turn-key enterprise grade Big Data and Analytics (BDA) solutions across industry verticals to address customer needs as an on-premise or privately hosted cloud solution. Our highly-scalable data lake systems build on ActiveScaleTM object store systems as a unified high-capacity repository to store all your enterprise Big Data, thereby breaking inefficient data silos that plague many enterprises. Designed bottom up with BDA needs in mind, our data lake expertise delivers at scale deployments with lifecycle management tools, strong consistency and geo-replication capabilities that are needed for business continuity.


High Capacity


Ease of Use


The solution allows you to run in-place analytics without worrying about data movement or ETL overheads. This dramatically increases efficiency because there is no overhead of data movement and no need to maintain redundant data copies. This delivers a solution with low CAPEX and OPEX and business managers can deliver on their promise of return on investment (ROI) much faster.

By leveraging HDFS on InfiniFlash™, in addition to the ActiveScale object store, we can deliver the power of disaggregated performance scaling with disaggregated capacity scaling to our customers. Our differentiated portfolio of BDA systems and solutions are already helping data-driven enterprises to embark on a transformation where data insights are becoming their source of competitive advantage.  


1 IDC Directions 2016

2 Cloudera

3 Datafloq


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